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Zines & Comics

Monkey + Seal like making zines and mini-comics. Seal's work is often inspiring and cute, Monkey's is often creepy, hilarious, and/or gross. We hope you enjoy our little small press work!

The Bad Date Zines The Story of Seal
The Bad Date Zines, Issues 1&2, edited by Ri.S.K.* The Story of Seal, by Eve Skylar
The New Tween Bible...

The True Ghost Stories Zine

The New Tween Bible of Sensitive, Emotional Feelings about Sensitive Feelings, or, Wholesome Parables To Live Your Life By, also known as (A.K.A.) The Nu Morality (on sexy-time with animals): a collection of comics by Rick Kitagawa* True Ghost Stories, by Ann Ominous

*contains adult material that may offend some readers