About Us

Heyo everyone!

We’re Monkey + Seal, the art duo of Rick Kitagawa and Eve Skylar.  We design 100% of our products with love and care in our little art cave in the SF Bay Area. If you’re looking for something touching, creepy, funny, or weird, you’ve come to the right place.

Rick Kitagawa is a visual artist, storyteller, and arts educator.  His work can generally be described as “scary” by little children, and “creepy” by adults. Inspired by the Lovecraftian themes of madness and tentacled horrors, Rick seeks to put his own feminist spin on darkness. With succubi, vampires, and gorgons taking center focus in his work, Rick’s work is often marked by abstraction, female forms, portraiture, and blood.

Eve Skylar is a visual development artist who pushes boundaries of narrative storytelling.  With a background in film, animation, games, and virtual reality, Eve brings wonder, tragedy, beauty, and warmth to her personal work.  Her wide gamut of work spans through historically accurate architecture to cute creatures to steampunk dystopias – all with her characteristic emphasis on mood, color, and storytelling.


We don’t have a brick and mortar (yet), but sign up for our email list and keep updated on our show list for the year, or visit our show calendar.

We typically vend yearly at: SF Zine Fest, WonderCon, and DesignerCon.

Rick can also be found at various horror conventions.

Eve can also be found at the CTN Animation Expo.