Monkey + Seal is the collaboration between award-winning artists Eve Skylar and Rick Kitagawa.  They can be found working on various projects between animation, publishing, fashion, illustration, and design. Based in San Francisco, together they vend across the country at craft fairs, comic and art exhibitions, and horror conventions.

Eve Skylar is a senior concept artist and painter in the games and animation feature film industry.  She recently completed color keys and concept art at Paramount Pictures on four films for their “Animation Director’s Project” (2015) and for SEGA/ Marza Animation Planet’s feature film “Captain Harlock Space Pirate” (2013).

She currently serves as a Production Designer consultant for Nightwheel Pictures’ films La Noria and Market St.

Rick Kitagawa is an visual artist, storyteller, and arts educator based in the foggy hills of San Francisco.  With degrees from UC Berkeley and Academy of Art University, Rick is a multidisciplinary artist that weaves together digital with traditional media, text and imagery, abstract and figurative subjects, and painting and printmaking.   What results is a visual journey into a dark world of his own that pays homage to the horror genre, identity politics, and pop culture all while examining the human condition and the darkness within us all.

A sponsored artist for various art materials companies, Rick live paints and teaches art to people around the country.  Rick also teaches business for art through Lift Off Art and Academy of Art University, and runs The Lords of Print, a t-shirt printing company based in San Francisco.

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